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Pulled Pork Tacos

Cooking Grill: Traeger
Pit Temperature: 225
Desired Internal Temperature: 195
Cooking Time: 10 Hours
Pallets Used: Pellets
Rubbed pork shoulder with EVOO & Hasty Bake rub. The idea this time was to make a very simple pork shoulder. No injections or extensive rubs. Just take out of the package, rub & put on the smoker. Put on Traeger at 8:30pm & at 5:30am temp was 187, so I wrapped it in foil & put back for another hour. Pulled off smoker at 6:30am with an internal temp of 195. Held in cooler for 4 hours till lunch. Have to admit, I tried to make my own tortillas for the 1st time, but I`m going to need more practice. So I opted for store bought. Just add pico de gallo & salsa to the pork. Really easy & very tasty.

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