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T-Rex New York Steak

Cooking Grill: MIni Green Egg
Pit Temperature: 600/400
Desired Internal Temperature: 138
Cooking Time: 12 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
Ok In Beautiful Pauma Valley getting ready for Thanksgiving...Just wanted a steak. Fired up the little mini egg with Ozark Oak lump preheated to 600. Coated the steak with Annies Garlic Olive Oil Dusted with garlic pepper and seasoning salt. Seared for 90 seconds and turned diagonally for another 90. flipped the and repeated the timing. Pulled from fire and let the egg get down to four hundred and cooked till 138... The Trex is the sear first method and the Finney Method is the sear last...they have battles on the forums over which is vote? Both. This steak was great!

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