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Dry Run Turkey

Cooking Grill: ABS PIT BOSS
Pit Temperature: 315 average
Desired Internal Temperature: 164
Cooking Time: 3 hours 10 mionutes
Pallets Used: Briquettes
OK Did two 12 pounders as a dry run. Am going to cook 4 birds on the ABS Pit Boss on Tday and wanted a dry run. Did a modified loaf pan. BOught two Diestel Farms Free Range Turkeys. RInsed and dried. Coated with EVOO and on one bird used Garlic Salt and Tellicherry Pepper. ON the other BIrd Hasty Bake Chicken Rub and Tellicherry Pepper. Used foil catering pans and lined the bottom with 3/4"sliced Mayan Sweet Onion. Put bird on top of onions and spread celery and carrots around it and put a cup of organic chicken broth alon with a half cup of apple juice and a coupla t spoons of champagne citrus Vinegar. Placed the birds in the ABS and turned them at 1.5 hours and pulled at 164 and let rest and sliced. Notice how I carved this. I have been doing it this way for a few years and it really works out great! You get more yeild and a better cut across the grain. You simply remove the brest and the cut it against the grain. PS The Garlic Salt one won

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