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Tri Tip and Chicken

Cooking Grill: Portable Kitchen
Pit Temperature: 325
Desired Internal Temperature: 138 and 164
Cooking Time: 45 minutes and one hour
Pallets Used: Lump
OK Here is more Tri Tip and Chicken....I had it marinating in the fridge and had to cook it....It was brushed with EVOO then the Chicken was rubbed with Hasty Bake Chicken Rub and garlic salt. The Tri Tip was dusted with Hasty Bake red rub and balck pepper. This gave me a chance to give the little mean machine the Portable Kitchen a work out. Had a chimney of Rancher briquettes and preheated it to 325. Cooked the tri tip first and the little beast held two tips on the indirect side. Let it run to 125 then put it over the direct side until it hit 131 then flipped it to 138. Put the chicken on and let it go. The Portable kitchen is amazing with the aluminum casting keeping 97% of the heat and its a radient heat to boot. Love the color and the tri tip tasted great

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