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Halibut & Tri-tip

Cooking Grill: Portable Kitchen / Big Drum
Pit Temperature: 450 / 250
Desired Internal Temperature: Cooked / 135
Cooking Time: 10 minutes / 45 minutes
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Used grill grates on the indirect side of the Portable Kitchen for the halibut. Held steady at 450 degrees on the top of the grates. Brushed a little butter, garlic, & pepper on. Couple of minutes each side then served with tomato avocado relish. The PK worked outstanding for this quick & easy dish. It has great temperature control. Used the Marinade Express vacuum tumbler with some Teriyaki sauce, garlic pepper, & seasoning salt for the tri-tip. Cooked on the Big Drum @ 250 degrees until 125 internal. Pull off & rest while fire gets hotter. Put back over flame for a couple of minutes each side to sear the outside.

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