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Tenderloin Again!

Cooking Grill: German Gill
Pit Temperature: 325
Desired Internal Temperature: 135
Cooking Time: 1 45
Pallets Used: Briquettes
OK The German Grill arrived today and I thought I would break it in with a little Balsamic glazed garlic pepper Tenderloin! one of the neat features of the german grill is a built in chimney to light the charcoal....I attached a pic of the firestarting very cool and efficient Coated with Italian balsamic reduction, sprinkled garlic pepper seasoning salt and Hassty Bak red.....Cooked indirect to 110 turned over and at 125 moved the tenderloin over to the direct side raised the fire and flipped at 130 and pulled from pit at 135 let rest for 10 minutes and slice...this was a whole tenderloin and there was nothing left...5 people gorged. The German Grill is a fine smoker....very well engineered and works flawlessly P.S. Its designed and made in Minnesota!

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