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Kobe Teriyaki Chuck Steak

Pit Temperature: Varied
Desired Internal Temperature: 138
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
Rub with garlic olive oil, sprinkle your favorite Big Poppa Smokers Rub on both sides. We recommend Double Secret Steak Rub, Cash Cow, or Little Louie's Garlic Salt w/Black Pepper - choose whatever suits your mood. Heat your charcoal grill to 225F. Before placing the meat on the grill, toss a handful of Apple Pellets into the fire. Put meat on the grill and turn at 100F internal temp and continue to smoke until internal temp reaches 118F then pull and rest/keep warm. Crank your charcoal grill to 600F. Toss the steaks back on to sear - turn diagonally and sear for 90 seconds, flip it over coat the seared side with your favorite Teriyaki sauce and the flip and turn diagonally for another 90 seconds let rest and slice.....

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