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Smoky Meatloaf

Cooking Grill: Big Green Egg
Pit Temperature: 350
Desired Internal Temperature: 160
Cooking Time: 24 minutes flip 16 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and place on the Egg. I like to use a 1:1 ratio of beef and pork (approximately a pound each), add an egg, breadcrumbs, and seasoning. Make sure the loaf is not too soft. I usually make a big batch, shape and freeze several loaves, so all I have to do is thaw and smoke. I use a combination of Wicked Good Lump and Mesquite Chunks to give the loaf a nice smoky flavor. Once the Egg is at 350 degrees, I place the loaf directly on the grill. After 24 minutes, I flip the loaf and grill for another 16 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Let the loaf stand for 10 minutes; meanwhile burn off the grease from the coals. Then cut the loaf into 1- inch slices and crisp-up the newly exposed sides by placing on the Egg for 3 minutes a side (total of 6 minutes). Serve and Enjoy. Once you have meatloaf this way, you never can go back??

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