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Tri Tip and Cowboy Thighs

Cooking Grill: American Barbecue Systems Pit Boss
Pit Temperature: 250
Desired Internal Temperature: 138
Cooking Time: 1 hour 20 minutes
Pallets Used: Lump
After All the cooking from Thurs and Friday I had some Tri TIp and Chicken Thighs to cook. Heated the ABS Pit Boss to 250, Seasoned the tri tip with Spensers Tri Tip Seasoning and Hasty Bake. Used Hasty Bake Chicken Rub. Let that rotesserie go and at one hour basted lightly with Cowboy BBQ sauce from Olahoma Joes. Pulled the Tri tip and let it rest. Sliced with a knife for a nice little lunch, wrapped two for friends World Series food. I always get aeked about left overs. A Food Sealer is a must but also its nice to have a meat slicer...I sliced one for lunches this week. Pulled the thighs and wrapped them up for the same pals.

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