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BBQ Blowout#1

Cooking Grill: MAK, 2ABS,CAJUN,DRUM,KK
Pit Temperature: varied
Desired Internal Temperature:
Cooking Time:
Pallets Used: Briquettes
OK The fun part of this biz is evaluating and breaking in smokers. Our newest lines arrived today...Wow they are all fabulous and for their own reasons. We got the Cajun Grill, The American Barbecue Systems Pit Boss and All Star. It was a little wild as we had six smokers going. Started with the incredible MAK for the appies...Armadillo eggs and ABT`s, Then on the the ABS All Star for some Chicken with Hasty Bake Chicken rub and Glazed with Cowtown BBQ Sauce, Fired up the corn on the Cajn Grill with a baste of Coconut Curry Butter sauce...THen to the Pit Boss for some ribs using the Big Poppa Smokers Team recipe that got them 2nd at Alpine in their first comp. WE had some tasty teriyaki chicken wings too. We also cooked ribs on the Big Poppa Drum with the really neat Ribolator. Baked potatoes on the KK and a Mexican Caesar...WE finished off the night with Dan Nortons Famous Apple and Pumkin Pie with some nice vanilla bean ice cream

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