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BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Loaf

Cooking Grill: Weber Kettle
Pit Temperature: 325-350
Desired Internal Temperature: 155-165
Cooking Time: approx. 1 Hr.
Pallets Used: Briquettes
A family fave, these Texas sized burgers are made like a meat loaf, smoked then cut up into big burgers and served on Texas toast. This combo of ingredients works well to create a slightly sweet, smoky BBQ flavor profile. Use ground Beef or Turkey. Spread the ground meat (Beef or Turkey - 1/2 lb per burger) out into about a 1" thick loaf on a cookie sheet(s). Season the meat how you like and/or sprinkle on some rub. Spread on some BBQ sauce (we used homemade), add a layer of Muenster or Monty Jack cheese, thin sliced onion strips, roasted red pepper, thick cut bacon strips (cut in half) and sprinkle on some parsley flakes or a little more rub. Hot smoke at 325°-350° for about an hour or until the burgers are medium well to well done (155°-165°) and the bacon is starting to crisp. Don`t overcook; they`ll dry out! Cut the meat loaf into big burgers and serve `em up on some Texas Toast along with your favorite sides.

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