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Rookie Rib Roast

Cooking Grill: Weber Kettle
Pit Temperature: 250°
Desired Internal Temperature: 120°-128° (depending on taste)
Cooking Time: 4 - 5 hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
This was my first attempt at smoking &cooking a rib roast. Hence the name. I started with an almost 7 1/2 lb. Rib Roast. It was slathered with a thick coating of spicy brown mustard and a rub made of Coarse Sea Salt, a little pickling salt, a lot of fresh cracked Black Pepper, and a little each of red pepper flakes, onion & garlic powders, paprika & crushed rosemary. I started with a small amount of Briquettes and a pit temp of 225°-250°, Jack Daniels Oak Pellets in foil pouches for smoke. It smoked low and slow for almost 4 hours until it reached an I.T. of 128°. This may be a little more done than some like but it was perfect for my family`s taste. It was moved to a pan and tented with foil to rest for 45 minutes. While resting I switched to Lump charcoal to raised the pit temp for the final high temp reverse sear method. When I put it back on for about 10 minutes, the pit temp was around 450° and peeked at 475°. It was moist, flavorful and done perfectly to our liking with a salty, peppery, crusty, seer on the outside. No need for Au Jus at all! It was served with some skin-on mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli topped with a sharp cheese sauce. Thanks for taking a look!

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