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Smoked Cheese

Cooking Grill: Modified Offset Smoker
Pit Temperature: 70 - 90 Maximum
Desired Internal Temperature: N/A
Cooking Time: 1 - 3 hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
Applewood Smoked Cheese Its fall, cool weather is here and for me that means its time to smoke some cheese! I love home smoked cheese. It has a much more delicate smoke flavor than the stuff in stores that`s NOT NATURALLY smoked. Applewood is definitely my favorite smoke wood for cheese. This time I started with: Three types of Cheddar, Baby Swiss, Regular Swiss, Provolone and a block of Danish Blue. I cut it into 1/2 lb blocks which seems to work well for good smoke penetration, easy packaging and slicing. I rubbed the cheddar & half the provolone with a good quality sweet paprika. I also coated one of the blocks of swiss with carraway seeds (I call this smoked swiss & Rye). It sat for two hours on wire racks to dry and form a bit of a crust before smoking. I waited for a cool day so I can keep the pit below 90° or else the cheese starts to sweat and gets oily. I also make sure to keep a light, almost blueish colored smoke going. Heavy white smoke = nasty creosote taste (I suspect this isn`t an issue with a pellet smoker). I just use 6 or 7 lit briquettes (with a few extra in the chimney in case I need to add more) with a chunk of applewood or foil packs of applewood pellets changing as needed. How long I smoke depends on the ambient & pit temp. Cooler = longer. This time it spent about 3 hours in the smoker. around 70 - 80°. The nose is the best tool for checking; Pick up a block and give it a smell. After Smoking I put it back on wire racks to cool back down before wrapping or vac-sealing. The cheese gets even better and more mellow after about a week.

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