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Hot-Smoked Fresh Kielbasa

Cooking Grill: Modified Offset Smoker
Pit Temperature: 225
Desired Internal Temperature: 155 - 165
Cooking Time: 2 Hours
Pallets Used: Briquettes
I love homemade sausage! The past few years I`ve been learning about sausage making, but hadn`t tried any of the "smoked" varieties. A couple weeks ago I finally experimented with a small batch of skinless Kielbasa. I used fresh ground pork shoulder and my own spice mix. I couldn`t believe how good a fresh (uncured), hot-smoked Kielbasa could taste! This weekend I stuffed a larger batch in natural casings to see how they`d do. Once again, I was amazed with the results. Hot-Smoke Method: OK, because this is uncured sausage & has no sodium nitrite (prevents Botulism), it CANNOT be cold smoked & won`t have the same pink color you get from curing. Hot-smoking does two things; it both smokes and cooks the meat. Hot-smoking is essentially how we cook ribs, brisket, etc. After drying the sausage on metal racks in the fridge overnight, I basically Hickory smoked it at 225° F for 1 1/2 hours (int. temp = 155°) then raised the pit temp to 300° to finish cooking the sausage. When the int. temp hit 165° I pulled it & put it on racks to cool so the fat wouldn`t totally render out. After it cooled a bit I bagged what we didn`t eat and into the fridge it went. The sausage was firm, juicy, flavorful, perfect amount of smoke (Hickory) and the smoke ring went deep giving it a light pink color almost, but not quite, to the center. More info:

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