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Pulled Beef Cheesesteaks

Cooking Grill: Weber Kettle Grill
Pit Temperature: 250 - 300
Desired Internal Temperature: 190 - 200
Cooking Time: 5 hrs.
Pallets Used: Briquettes
After seeing Nepas1`s "Bradley Smoked Brisket" I had to smoke me some beef! When it comes to Brisket, my family likes it pulled. Locally brisket goes for $4.99/lb, unless I drive to a warehouse club & buy a whole one. My solution is Chuck Roast; great marbling, flavor & reasonably priced. Best of all, if I treat it like the point end of a brisket, I can`t tell a difference! I`ll save whole briskets for family gatherings, church picnics, etc. Cooking it - My 14 year-old son had the smoker setup & ready to go (he`s getting very good at this). I took a roast with a nice fat cap, coated with yellow mustard & applied my homemade rub (no injection needed). It then went straight onto the smoker cold (maximizes smoke infusion), fat cap up, hickory wood for smoke. After three hours, I placed the roast in foil, topped with onions & added braising liquid (1/3 cup each: brown sugar, cider vinegar & beer). I raised the pit temp to 300, tightly sealed the foil pack & put it back on to braise. After two hours I used the good ol` thermometer test. It slid in like butter; done! I moved the roast to a large cutting board, geared up with my BBQ gloves & pulled that hot steaming sucker apart (The gloves are great; no burnt fingers!). We heaped the beef onto toasted sub buns, topped with cheese, the onions, roasted green pepper & served with Sour Cream & Chive Red-Skin Mashed Potatoes. Thanks and enjoy!

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