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5 Turkey Thanksgiving
5 Turkey Thanksgiving
5 Turkey Thanksgiving
5 Turkey Thanksgiving
5 Turkey Thanksgiving
5 Turkey Thanksgiving

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 5 Turkey Thanksgiving

Pit Temperature: 275
Desired Internal Temperature: 160
Cooking Time: 3.5 hours


After my dry run I felt pretty good...a coupla adjustments....Rubbed the Diestel farms free range birds with EVOO and then dusted with a combo of black pepper and garlic salt. Sliced Granny Smith Apples
into 3/4" discs and same with Mayan Sweet onions and put on bottom of foil catering pan. Then poured a little chicken stock and apple juice into the pan with a dash of champagne vinegar.

Put on the ABS for exactly 3.5 hours and the temp was just about exactly 160. I let the turkeys rest for 25 minutes and sliced like the butchers tell you.....

I then took a diestel farms organic free range 10.5 pounder and spatchcocked it.Heated the MAK to 275 and cooked for 2.5 hours and it came out the same time as the birds on the ABS.

Made two stuffings. One sourdough, apple, linguica portugese sausage) celery and onion.
The other was the "Big Poppa Big Flavor Kitchen Sink" I always go for it with the stuffing. I started by browning Sweet Italian sausage. Lightly browned diced sweet onion, pineapple, celery. Added to the onion mix and set aside. Made some cornbread with
kernals of white sweet corn added. THen smoked 10 cored and seeded jalapenos on the MAK. Sweat the peppers and then diced them. Added the jalapenos and one cup of whole salted pistachios. Mixed all of the ingredients together and baked for 45 minutes until browned and crispy on the top at 350. This was a home run!

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5 Turkey Thanksgiving 2011-10-28 19:41:37 fred
Reviewed by fred    10/28/2011

Looks Good!

I just did 2 - 14 lb turkeys last weekend on my BGE. We were camping and everyone wanted to have a "Thanksgiving Dinner" shared meal. I went for 350 pit temp since I had to do two of them and could only do one at a time. They turned out pretty good, but I think that 275 would have been better. I was getting a lot of smoke from the grease in the drip pan. I think it had an effect on the outcome.

I think I'll try a raised drip pan and 275 for Thanksgiving since I heard they want me to do the turkey the same way.

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 2011-10-24 23:46:59 Hiram
Reviewed by Hiram    10/24/2011


Makes me ache for the holidays

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 2011-09-13 22:35:48 Big Poppa
Reviewed by Big Poppa    09/13/2011


That could feed an army

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 2011-04-04 16:13:06 Hiram
Reviewed by Hiram    04/04/2011


Looks delicious!

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 2009-11-29 06:42:00 pdniners
Reviewed by pdniners    11/28/2009

WOW!!....any leftovers?

5 Turkey Thanksgiving 0000-00-00 00:00:00 bigpoppa
Reviewed by bigpoppa    11/29/2014