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Smoky Meatloaf
Smoky Meatloaf
Smoky Meatloaf

Smoky Meatloaf Smoky Meatloaf

Pit Temperature: 350
Desired Internal Temperature: 160
Cooking Time: 24 minutes flip 16 minutes


Take your favorite meatloaf recipe and place on the Egg. I like to use a 1:1 ratio of beef and pork approximately a pound each add an egg, breadcrumbs, and seasoning. Make sure the loaf is not too soft. I usually make a big batch, shape and freeze several loaves, so all I have to do is thaw and smoke.

I use a combination of Wicked Good Lump and Mesquite Chunks to give the loaf a nice smoky flavor. Once the Egg is at 350 degrees, I place the loaf directly on the grill. After 24 minutes, I flip the loaf and grill for another 16 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Let the loaf stand for 10 minutes; meanwhile burn off the grease from the coals. Then cut the loaf into 1- inch slices and crisp-up the newly exposed sides by placing on the Egg for 3 minutes a side total of 6 minutes). Serve and Enjoy.

Once you have meatloaf this way, you never can go back……

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Smoky Meatloaf 2010-02-12 12:33:00 Ron1950
Reviewed by Ron1950    02/12/2010

I agree that meat loaf on the grill is a far and away the best way to make it. I've made a lot of them in order to keep refining the recipe. You can download a copy of my recipe from the German Grill website, if you're interested. A few other things to experiment with...
Add extra garlic and onion to stand up to the smoke from the grill. I think Mesquite is too strong and really prefer Oak or Cherry wood for the smoke.
I always use the classic ratio of 1/2 beef, 1/4 pork and 1/4 veal. The veal has a lot of gelatine in it and it really makes a positive difference in the texture of the loaf and the flavor. Sometimes it's hard to find ground veal, but try it, and I think you'll notice the difference.
To kick this up a notch, add a couple of tablespoons of bacon grease to the mixture. Sinful, but really adds to flavor.
Also: The loaf will hang together better if you use an extra egg and a few more breadcrumbs or oatmeal than an oven recipe might call for, and you have to shape the free form loaf sort of "long and skinny" to make it easy to roll it around and get all the sides done.
Life is good.

Smoky Meatloaf 2009-11-22 05:17:00 bigpoppa
Reviewed by bigpoppa    11/21/2009

Cool Dawg..not a criticism just a question...char is one of those things I like it if the foods still moist...lookin good

Smoky Meatloaf 2009-11-21 11:17:00 Dawgy_Doug
Reviewed by Dawgy_Doug    11/21/2009

Yes it is still moist and I cant help it...I like the heavy char. You can skip the last step for less char.

Smoky Meatloaf 2009-11-21 07:07:00 bigpoppa
Reviewed by bigpoppa    11/20/2009


Is that still moist with the heavy char? If it is I bet its delicious

Smoky Meatloaf 0000-00-00 00:00:00 bigpoppa
Reviewed by bigpoppa    11/29/2014