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Qwick Trim, creator of the innovative tool, Brisket trimmer, had both the competition and backyard BBQ cook in mind when creating this easy to use meat trimmer. This quality barbecue tool is cutting trimming time for BBQ cooks everywhere to merely minutes! It’s possibly the fastest, easiest and most effective BBQ tool for trimming meats in the market. Trimming fat caps, chicken skin and silver skin has never been easier. Qwick Trim’s Brisket Trimmer is a Pitmaster’s best friend.

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  • Qwick Trim Meat Trimmer

    Qwick Trim Meat Trimmer

    Start trimming your meats in minutes with a Qwick Trim Meat Trimmer! It's the fastest, easiest, and safest way to trim meats of all kinds. Fat caps, chicken skins and silver skins are no match for Qwick Trim's Meat and Silver Skin Trimmer.

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