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Poultry Bundle

Poultry Bundle

Think outside the box and try something new on your poultry recipes with the help of the Poultry Bundle. The Poultry Bundle has a selection of our newest rub, seasoning, and sauce offerings - all proven winners on the competition BBQ circuit and sure to be winners in your backyard too.  We suggest using each of these rubs/seasonings separately to test which rub or seasoning ends up being your favorite (though we're sure you'll love them all.)

The items in this poultry bundle great when paired with any chicken, game bird, turkey, basically any poultry recipe. Wrap up this bundle and give it as a gift, share it or keep it for yourself. 

Poultry Bundle Includes:

Meat Church Dia de la Fajita Seasoning - 14oz

Boars Night Out White Lightning Double Garlic Butter - 12.2oz

Clark Crew BBQ Original - 20oz

Poppa non-stick BBQ mat - 17" x 24" - great for preventing meats from getting stuck to the grates when cooking in indirect heat! 


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