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Poppa's Picks

Poppa's Picks are some of our favorite BBQ products we offer here at Big Poppa Smokers. They have a lot of bang for their buck. These are some of our staff's favorite grills, meats, pellets, and more. If you're looking for some help in buying some grill products then check out our recommendations below.

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  • Cash Cow Beef Rub 6.5oz

    Cash Cow Beef Rub 6.5oz

    Looking to improve the flavor of your BBQ brisket? Cash Cow Beef Rub is here to help. This rub is great on any dish that has beef in it: tri tip, brisket, burgers, steaks and more. Customers have been calling it "brisket crack" - we sold 800 bottles in 30 days for a reason. Try it today!

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  • West Coast Offense Baseball T-Shirt


    Special Price $8.99

    West Coast Offense Baseball T-Shirt

    Look sharp while barbecuing with the 2014 season West Coast Offense baseball style t-shirt.

    Please note: This shirt has been said to run small in the shoulders. 

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  • Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub - 14oz

    Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub - 14oz

    Season your steak restaurant style with Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub. This is the rub BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurants has adopted as their exclusive steak seasoning and people are loving it! Many people who try it go out and buy their own Double Secret Steak Rub because it's that irresistable. Your family won't eat steak any other way after you cook with this super secret steak rub. 

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  • Cattleprod Beef & Brisket Injection

    Cattleprod Beef & Brisket Injection

    The secret ingredient to the perfect BBQ brisket is here. Multiple competing BBQ teams report to get perfect scores when using this BBQ brisket injection. Get championship brisket in your backyard with this beef & brisket injection. Allergen Info: contains wheat & soy.

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  • BPS Exclusive Pack


    Special Price $62.99

    BPS Exclusive Pack

    Your bundle of joy is here. Three of the best brand names known in the competition, all in one pack. 

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  • MAK Grills Wifi
    MAK Grills Wifi

    The MAK Grills Mobile™ web application is FREE. 

    This item is compatible with the following grills: 

    • MAK 1 Star: Serial Numbers 413 and higher

    • MAK 2 Star: Serial Numbers 1433 and higher

    • If your grill does now meet the above requirements, you will need to contact MAK Grills directly for an update module.

    If you experience any difficulty when setting up your MAK WIFI, please contact MAK Grills Customer Service at: 503-623-1234

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  • MAK Remote Boss for 1 Star & 2 Star General

    MAK Remote Boss for 1 Star & 2 Star General

    Control your Pellet Boss on your MAK from up to 300 feet away, when we say chill and grill, we mean it. ( For all MAK 2 Star Grills with serial number over 320, and all 1 star general grills.)

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7 Item(s)