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Peach Butcher BBQ Paper

Peach Butcher BBQ Paper

Peach Butcher BBQ Paper is popular among BBQ smoking fanatics for it’s incredible versatility and quality. Enhance the appearance of sandwiches, fresh meats, use it as tray lier, table cover or use it to smoke meats. Peach Butcher BBQ Paper is the key for achieving a beautiful bark on meats. Unlike aluminum foil, butcher paper is engineered to be heat and moisture resistant allowing meat to breath while retaining moisture and creating a better bark.

Peach Butcher BBQ Paper is FDA-approved and guaranteed to be the highest qualify for food handling, cooking and storage. This butcher paper is all natural without any wax, plastic coating or bleach, so there’s nothing that could affect the flavor of your perfectly cooked meats.

This roll of BBQ butcher paper conveniently arrives in a durable carry tube. 


100% FDA Approved

Made in the USA

All Natural


24" x 150' Roll


In stock



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