Ole Hickory Pits Ace JW

Whether if you're a beginner BBQ cook, a backyard BBQ cook or a BBQ competitor, the Ace JW will deliver the results you've long been searching for.
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Ole Hickory Pits is known for their high-quality commercial BBQ equipment; their superior quality and cooking consistency is second to none. Now you can use the same cooking equipment top notch restaurants and all-star BBQ chefs use in your own backyard with the Ole Hickory Pits Ace JW BBQ Smoker.

Ole Hickory Pits Ace JW smoker is the smallest of the Ace series; Yet delivers the same amazing smoking results as it’s bigger colleagues. Users of the Ace series say that competition teams that use the Ace have an “Ace” up their sleeve. The blue-ribbon BBQ results are just that amazing - it’s almost like you’re cheating!

The Ole Hickory Ace JW is a high-quality charcoal smoker that produces amazing smoking results with only minimal effort. The Ole Hickory Ace JW Smoker is ideal for any backyard BBQ addict or even professional BBQ competitors who are looking for a professional charcoal smoker with a smaller footprint. The featured firebox will consistently burn charcoal for up to 6 hours with the help of the fan system - With the Ace JW BBQ Smoker you’ll have a thermostatically controlled fire for a steady and consistent temperature all throughout your BBQ cook. All you have to do is set the time and desired temperature and the Ace JW Charcoal Smoker does the rest. The Ace JW BBQ Smoker does the heavy lifting, while you get all of the BBQ glory (we won’t tell anyone, promise.)

 Please Note: Do not attempt to cook on the ACE JW Smoker above 275 degrees. The Ole Hickory Ace JW Charcoal Smoker is designed for outdoor use.

4 heavy duty, NSF approved casters.

3 nickel-plated sliding racks


Combustion Blower

Grease Drain

Ash Catcher


Construction: Heavy-duty 12 gauge steel interior side walls (100% welded & inspected seams) tubular steel frame, 22 gauge stainless steel exterior, Fully insulated - rated 1800 degree F

Fuel: Charcoal briquettes with wood chunks or wood chips.

Firebox: Basket for charcoal with wood. Door equipped with adjustable draft intake manifold apertures.

Exhaust: Two - 3/4'' x 5 1/4'' Vents. Equipped with adjustable manifold control dampers.  

Electrical: 110 Volts, 60 HZ, single-phase (Avoid Non-Grounded Extension cords)

Combustion Blower: One, CFM: 12 free are at 60hz, Volts: 115, HZ: 50/60, HP: 1/250

Grease Drain: 1" Pipe with 1" Ball Valve

Temperature Range: Thermostat control range from 100 degrees F to 275 degrees F

Dial Thermometer: 2 1/2'' diameter

Cooking Surface: 11.3 Sq. Ft.

Sliding Racks: (3) 20.5" x 26.5" (removable and nickel-plated). Each rack fits one full-sized pan

Overall Dimensions: 24'' W x 37'' D x 52'' H with door closed (66'' with open door)

Crated Dimensions: 48”L x 42”W x 70”H

Uncrated Weight: 450lbs. 

Crated Shipping Weight: 600lbs.

Meat (approx)Brisket (4), Boston Butt (12), Chicken (60 halfs or 18 wholes), Ribs (18), Turkey (2)

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View Owners Manual HERE


Lift Gate Delivery (recommended): $400.00

Standard Delivery: $325.00

This item currently has 16-20 weeks lead time, and is custom built when you order. This ensures you are receiving the newest model fresh off the factory floor.

Lift Gate Delivery: Your smoker will be delivered and removed from the truck using a lift gate. This is a requirement for residential delivery or deliveries that do not have a forklift or freight loading dock. Once your smoker is removed from the truck, it is your responsibility to move it to your desired location. 

Standard Delivery: You are responsible for removing your smoker from the freight truck. This is ideal for commercial deliveries that have a forklift or a freight loading dock. If you choose to remove your smoker from the truck, Big Poppa Smokers will not be held liable for any damages that may occur. 

Delivery & Damages: DO NOT sign for your grill/smoker until you have inspected the packaging and/or unpacked it and confirmed there is no damage. If your grill/smoker or the outside packaging is damaged, do not sign for it. Notate the damage on the paperwork, take lots of photos of the damage, and refuse delivery. If you sign for your smoker and accept delivery with damage (aka signing "clean"), Big Poppa Smokers cannot file a damage claim and will take no responsibility for damage repairs and replacements. To read more about our damage claims policy, please visit this page: https://www.bigpoppasmokers.com/shipping-policy

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