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M Grills Searing Box

M Grills Searing Box

Get a better sear out of your M1 or B1 grill/smoker with the M Grills Searing Box. The Searing Box holds your charcoal in a confined area providing you with even more precise 2-zone grilling & searing.

The Searing Box isn’t just limited to M Grills, it can be used on just about any grill it can fit! If you’re using the Searing Box with an M Grills grill, place the Searing Box right on top of your bottom charcoal grate to use. Durable and versatile, that’s the M Grills way.

Please note: The Searing Box comes standard with the M36 and M48, but is a great addition to your M1 and B2.

Dimensions: 12”L x 9”W x 2”H

Construction: ¼” solid 304 stainless steel grate and 16g stainless steel wall


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