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Messermeister 12" Fillet Knife

Messermeister 12" Fillet Knife

The Messermeister 12" Fillet Flexible Knife has a long, thin, and extremely flexible blade that cuts extremely close to a spine, bone or other hard surfaces. The alternating kullenschliffs (a.k.a. hollows or grantons) on each side of the knife reduce drag and prevent items from sticking to the blade. This non-stick fillet knife makes cutting, and slicing fragile foods a piece of cake. You can even get a precise cut on a cake with this knife if you wanted to. That's how precise the blade is. 


  • It is used to fillet fish, shaved dried cured meats or carve watermelons.


  • One-piece, fully forged
  • Hand-polished “Elite” edge
  • Bolsterless edge
  • Cambered chef’s knife blade
  • Extra-wide chef’s knife blade
  • Ergonomic balance
  • Polished spine


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