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Rib Hanging Rack Kit - Stainless Steel

Rib Hanging Rack Kit - Stainless Steel

Get on board the newest drum smoking trend by smoking your favorite meats vertically with a SS Rib Hanging Kit. It’s a fun and effective way to infuse meat with delicious smoke 360 degrees - hang ribs, brisket, chicken thighs and many other popular BBQ meats!

Rib Hanging Kit includes:

4 Long Straight Hooks

8 Short 45º Hook

1 Meat Hanging Rack

Parts needed for assembly

The Rib Hanging Rack kit is made of heavy-duty stainless steel and easily sits inside of a 55-gal drum smoker. Hanging meat up to smoke increases your drum smoker's cooking capacity by replacing the grill grate with a rack which allows you to smoke multiple pieces of meat at a time. Smoking vertically on your drum smoker allows for heat to encircle meat evenly and penetrate every pore with delicious smoke for unmatched BBQ results. Order today!

In order to assemble, you will need the following tools: 

Measuring Tape

Electric Drill

1/4'' Drill Bit

7/16'' Wrench 

5/32'' Hex Key 







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