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Since 1980 Meadow Creek has been specializing in making quality outdoor cookers for serious BBQ enthusiasts. Award-winning chefs, backyard BBQ cooks and food service professionals have all trusted Meadow Creek to provide professional quality outdoor cookers from flat top grills to pig roasters for years. All Meadow Creek BBQ cookers are made in the USA for years of quality cooking. With the amazing BBQ results professionals have gotten with a Meadow Creek Cooker, you can trust in a Meadow Creek to turn plain BBQ into a blue ribbon worthy dish.

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  • Meadow Creek BBQ26
    Meadow Creek BBQ26

    Grill your chicken to perfection every time, and everywhere you go. This small, durable BBQ pit will give you amazing cooking results and it's portable so you can take it on the go. Make perfect chicken at the park, or at a tailgate, wherever you go you're sure to be satisfied with the BBQ26 cooking ability.

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  • Meadow Creek BBQ18 Grill + Chicken Flipper
    Meadow Creek BBQ18 Grill + Chicken Flipper

    Introducing the new Meadow Creek BBQ18. The smallest, most affordable chicken cooker in the game. This chicken cook is as effective as all of it's bigger models, ready to bring you blue ribbon results.

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  • Meadow Creek PR36
    Meadow Creek PR36

    Get yourself a charcoal grill that does it all, grill, sear, smoke and roast! The PR36 really does it all and all while bringing you perfect cooking results, grill burgers and hotdogs, sear steaks, smoke briskets, and even roast whole hogs. There's no limit to what you can cook with your the PR36.

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  • Meadow Creek PR42
    Meadow Creek PR42

    Become a pig roasting expert when using the PR42. No other cooker will roast your 100 lb. hog to perfection like the PR42 and all in a short amount of time. Meadow Crook's roasting technology is mind-blowing, you won't know the power of this cooker until you try it. Get yours today and start your path to roasting excellence.

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  • Meadow Creek BBQ42 Charcoal Grill + Chicken Flipper
    Meadow Creek BBQ42 Charcoal Grill + Chicken Flipper

    The ultimate chicken cooker and the best-selling grill from Meadow Creek is waiting for you. Designed for chicken but not limited to just chicken this grill has special features that will enhance your grilling skills with any type of food.

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  • Meadow Creek PR60
    Meadow Creek PR60

    The PR series from Meadow Creek are the most versatile and easy to use cookers. - The PR60 allows you to roast a whole 250 lb. hog and a ton of other meats! With it's swirling air flow system, you'll never have to turn your meat, and it'll never burn. You'll have evenly cooked hog, or meat every single time.

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  • Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker
    Meadow Creek SQ36 Offset BBQ Smoker

    Don't want to spend tons on a reverse air flow smoker, but still want good quality? The SQ36 is a inexpensive alternative and will deliver you great quality results for a long time! The SQ36 was built durable enough for constant use and at this mind-blowing low price, you'll never find another smoker that delivers the same great results.

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  • Meadow Creek PR72
    Meadow Creek PR72

    If you're in need of more cooking space for a bigger hog then the PR72 is the cooker for you. This charcoal/wood fired cooker will roast you up to a 325 lb. hog and a whole lot of other meat. The size of this cooker is ideal for some serious outdoor cooking.

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Items 1 to 8 of 13 total