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Marinade Express

Marinade Express

The Marinade Express System is amazing! Here's why....


More Than Marinade

The Marinade Express is a revolutionary, new home appliance that will conveniently add natural, bold flavor, better taste, fun, and healthier cooking to America’s kitchens, and to your everyday family meals. Developed for the restaurant and supermarket industry, the Marinade Express has been used by Chefs and food service professionals for over twenty years to conveniently add flavor and taste to their award winning meat and vegetable menu items. 

We believe the Marinade Express will change the way American families prepare fresh meats and vegetables that will transform everyday meals into more enjoyable, Chef-quality meals, and that you will be proud serve to family and friends.

Faster Flavor, Marinade in minutes, NOT hours, or days.

The patented GROVAC Infusion System utilizes all natural ingredients, and antioxidants, that significantly accelerate the marinade process for meats and vegetables within a high vacuum, low salt liquid environment. This time saving system enables you to marinade your fresh meats and vegetables in 20 minutes (or less), (versus 24 hours) and serve your family prepared meals that are moist and tender with the flavor and taste that you’d expect from a fine restaurant.

Better Taste, Tender Texture

Tumbling fresh meats and vegetables opens cellular structures, and rapidly infuses natural flavors into tissue structures producing superior flavor, taste and tenderness. Added moisture released during cooking, raises internal temperatures and contributes to tender textures.

Healthy Cooking

Added anti-oxidants shut down the oxidizing process during cooking and stop the release of free radicals.

Marinade Express Promotes At-Home Kitchen Safety

The GROVAC Infusion process eliminates 99.5% of all potential bacteria associated with uncooked meats and vegetables, and extends the freshness of marinated meats and vegetables kept in your refrigerator from 2 to 5 days.



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