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MAK 1 & 2 Star General FlameZone® (2016 + Models)

MAK 1 & 2 Star General FlameZone® (2016 + Models)

The redesigned FlameZone is now available for 2016 + MAK Grill models. The New FlameZone Quick Change Grease System has been redesigned and may be the best FlameZone system ever. It’s been redesigned with MAK Grill owners in mind to help you turn out better BBQ results.

What’s new?  

The redesigned FlameZone helps your MAK grill heat up far more quickly regardless of the weather, reduces pellet consumption making your MAK grill fuel efficient, produces more smoke up to 325F, recovers heat much more quickly after the lid has been opened, the pan is less likely warp at hotter cooking temperatures and now facilitates better grease runoff.

MAK Grills FlameZone system allows to expertly cook with direct heat giving you the option to sear and grill meat to perfection. If you choose you do not want to cook using direct heat you simply place the FlameZone covers on for indirect cooking. MAK Grills gives you the versatility you need. The FlameZone also allows for you to change your grease tray faster than ever. 

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The FlameZONE Quick Change Grease System consist of:

  • 2 FlameZone covers

  • The FlameZone pan (with perforated holes)

  • The grease tray - on which the FlameZone pan sits

  • The heat diffuser lid

Keep in mind that the MAK 2 star comes standard with the FlameZone. This FlameZone is sold for those who wish to add a FlameZone system to their MAK 1 Star 2016 and over models.  


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