Humphrey's BBQ Smokers Weekender w/Cart

Humphrey's BBQ Weekender is perfect for tailgates, backyard BBQ and small gatherings. It's compact structure makes it portable and with the Weekender's cart, mobility got a whole lot easier! The Weekender is reliable, durable, portable and fun to use. You'll be cooking on this heavy-duty smoker every chance you get.


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Humphrey’s BBQ Weekender is a compact smoker you’ll be putting to use every chance you get. The Weekender model is the perfect size for weekend barbecues, small gatherings, and tailgating. Being hand-crafted and made in the USA, you can count on the Weekender to deliver years of delicious barbecue results. 

The Weekender Smoker offers enough space to hold full-size hotel pans, giving you the flexibility to smoke full-length briskets or full-length ribs with no problem. The Weekenders compact structure makes it portable, but don’t underestimate this heavy-duty smoker. The Weekender can smoke up to 4 pork butts, 2 briskets, 8 racks of ribs or a whole lot of small meats. The Weekender features non-flammable insulation to help create a controlled smoking environment along with the built-in standard tel tru thermometer for accurate temperature with every cook. 

Please note: The interior is not finished.  You will need to season the smoker just like a cast iron skillet. The Air Cavity behind the cooking chamber is 1" and the insulation cavity is 1".

You'll love the cart that comes included with this Humphrey's BBQ Weekender. It allows for easy mobility anywhere you go. Easily move the Weekender across your yard or into your car for tailgates. The Weekender cart will make your smoking experience convenient and better. 

Humphrey’s BBQ Weekender will arrive stock with a daisy wheel air inlet for air intake, you have the option to upgrade to a Performance Plate. The Performance Plate replaces the daisy wheel as an inlet and allows the use of a Guru, Flame Boss, or other PID controllers. This upgrade is available for an additional cost and will not arrive installed. Instructions will be included on how to install.

Featuring a textured black body and stainless steel doors, the Weekender BBQ smoker will attract attention every time you bring it out. There's no going wrong with this heavy-duty smoker. It's compact, durable, portable and reliable. Order the Weekender today and enjoy top BBQ results for years to come. 

Please note: The Weekender's cart will not arrive installed, but no need to worry. The rail style feet of the Weekender feature bolt holes for easy cart assembly. Instructions will be included. 

Tel Tru Thermometer

4 rack locations

Stainless Steel 4 inch water pan

Holds full-size hotel pan

Stainless Steel Doors 

Stainless Steel Wire Rod Cooking Racks

1200 Degree Non-Flammable Insulation

Insulation cavity is 1"

Air cavity behind cooking chamber is 1"

Rail style feet (with bolt holes for easy cart assembly)


Dimensions: 20w x 26d x 33h

Weight: 173 lbs.

Cooking Chamber Dimensions: 15.5'' wide x 23'' deep x 14'' heigth

Grate/Rack Dimensions: 14.75w x 22d 

Charcoal Capacity: 8 - 10lbs. 

Meat Capacity:

4-6 pork butts

2 briskets

8 racks of ribs

2-3 chickens

Lift Gate Delivery (recommended): $390.00

Standard Delivery: $290.00

This item currently has 3-7 weeks lead time, and is custom built when you order. This ensures you are receiving the newest model fresh off the factory floor.

Lift Gate Delivery: Your smoker will be delivered and removed from the truck using a lift gate. This is a requirement for residential delivery or deliveries that do not have a forklift or freight loading dock. Once your smoker is removed from the truck, it is your responsibility to move it to your desired location. 

Standard Delivery: You are responsible for removing your smoker from the freight truck. This is ideal for commercial deliveries that have a forklift or a freight loading dock. If you choose to remove your smoker from the truck, Big Poppa Smokers will not be held liable for any damages that may occur. 

Delivery & Damages: DO NOT sign for your grill/smoker until you have inspected the packaging and/or unpacked it and confirmed there is no damage. If your grill/smoker or the outside packaging is damaged, do not sign for it. Notate the damage on the paperwork, take lots of photos of the damage, and refuse delivery. If you sign for your smoker and accept delivery with damage (aka signing "clean"), Big Poppa Smokers cannot file a damage claim and will take no responsibility for damage repairs and replacements. To read more about our damage claims policy, please visit this page:

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