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Big Poppa's Ultimate Pork Pack

Big Poppa's Ultimate Pork Pack

Take your backyard BBQ pork recipes to the next level with Big Poppa Smokers Pork Pack. 

Everything in this pork pack will help you turn out pork results full of moisture and irresistible flavor. Inject your pork recipes with the award-winning flavor of BPS Pork Prod Injection and season with two best rubs for pork - BPS Sweet Money Rub and Happy Ending Finishing rub. Together, these BPS products have proven to deliver top results and will help you take your pork recipes to another level - pork ribs, pulled pork, pork chops... anything pork will taste better with this combination of Big Poppa’s best products for pork.

Big Poppa’s BBQ Mat makes barbecuing easier than ever - it helps stop smaller cuts of food from falling through the cracks and makes grill clean-up fast and convenient. It's a must have BBQ accessory. 

This pack makes a great present for any BBQ lover, or for yourself. Order now! 

The Pork Pack includes:

  • 16 oz. Pork Prod Injection

  • 7 oz. Sweet Money Rub

  • 2.9 oz. Happy Ending Finishing Rub 

  • 19 x 14.5 Big Poppa BBQ mat 



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