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BBQr's Delight Hickory Pellets

BBQr's Delight Hickory Pellets

BBQr's Delight Hickory Wood Pellets have a strong smoke flavor, and are the most commonly used and recognized wood pellets in the BBQ circuit. The strong hickory smoke flavor compliments beef, pork, poultry, fish and game. These hickory pellets are ideal for all pellet cooking devices such as any grill of gas, charcoal, electric, or smoker.

These hickory wood pellets are a blend of 2/3 oak mixed with 1/3 hickory wood. The BBQ wood pellets produce a more intense smoke compared to other woods which seals in flavor and locks in moisture that compliment all meats. 

Only 1/3 cup needed for max flavor. Hickory wood pellets are the fastest and easiest way to give your food a smoky flavor. 

BBQr's Delight Hickory Wood Pellets are recommended by many and enjoyed by many more. 


Comes packages as (2) 20lb bags. 40lbs of Hickory wood pellets total. 



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