Drum Smokers

Big Poppa Smokers carries only the best BBQ grills & smokers in America. One of our most popular and old school models are the charcoal Drum Smokers. Drum smokers go by many names - Ugly Drum Smoker, Barrel Smokers, UDS, Barrel cookers, etc. but you'll find that here at Big Poppa Smokers we carry BBQ drum smokers that are far from ugly. Drum smokers are easy to use making them perfect for anyone - from a BBQ beginner to a competition BBQ pro. Shop our selection of stylish, USA-made drum smokers - from the original, hands-on BPS DIY Drum Smoker kit to the versatile Gateway Drum Smoker.

Once you have decided which Drum Smoker or grill is right for you, we suggest you shop the best selection of grilling and barbecue accessories online. Big Poppa Smokers has the best selection of high quality grilling and smoking tools for outdoor cooking. From Freidrich Dick knives and knife sharpeners to convenient disposable cutting boards that make cleanup a breeze  - our tested and appoved BBQ accessories make backyard barbecue more fun. We suggest checking out our best selling combo of knit cotton gloves and nirtile BBQ gloves; layering the nitrile glove over the top of a cotton glove allows you to handle hot food with ease. 

If you like to DIY and prefer a more custom barrel cooker, we suggest check out our top selling UDS barrel kit that comes with our full DIY drum smoker kit and a food grade, 55 gallon carbon barrel: Big Poppa's Carbon Barrel Smoker + Kit. All you will need to do is drill the holes, paint your barrel the custom color of your choice with heat resistant paint, and then assemble everything and get cooking! Every type of BBQ cook, from competition barbecue professionals to weekend warrior backyard BBQ fanatics use drum smokers or learned to grill on a UDS. Grilling and smoking on a barrel cooker is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of barbecue since it provides consistent temperatures and results. 

If you already have your own 55 gallon food grade barrel that is ready to be turned into a drum smoker, we also offer our DIY barrel cooker kit on its own: Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit. Big Poppa and a team of engineers created this kit so people could create their very own custom drum smokers without needing an entire workshop full of tools or welding skills. We like to think our DIY Drum Smoker Kit doesn't create "ugly" drum smokers, but beautiful, professional grade custom smokers that will last for years to come.