Charcoal Smokers

If you are the kind of BBQ cook who likes to play with fire and tinker with your pit, a charcoal fueled grill or smoker is probably the best fit for you. We offer some of the best charcoal grills and smokers for backyard barbecue cooks who like to play with fire. Get fired up and shop from our wide variety of USA-made charcoal smokers: Offset and reverse flow smokers, cabinet and vertical smokers, barrel cookers, drum smokers, UDS, - we've got them all. Big Poppa Smokers is here to help you choose the right charcoal cooker for all of your BBQ needs. We offer a wide variety of small, family owned, and American made grill and smoker models. Trust us, these aren't the kinds of smokers you find in a big-box home improvement store! 

If you are more of a traditional BBQ cook, and want a custom DIY smoker option, we highly suggest checking out our DIY Drum Smoker Kit & Parts. We offer the base DIY barrel cooker kit (with no drum), up to a partially assembled stainless steel Drum Smoker and just about every option in between. For as low as $350 with free shipping, you can get a DIY drum smoker kit and a 55 gallon barrel shipped to you. With a little elbow grease and DIY spirit, you can build your own custom grill that turns out championship quality barbecue. If you are looking for the best all in one grill and smoker, the Big Poppa barrel cooker is an easy to use kit with dozens of five star reviews. 

Once you have picked out the best charcoal grill for your backyard, it's time to make sure you have the best grilling accessories available. Shop our large variety of the best charcoal grill tools and fully customize your outdoor grilling experience. From GrillGrates designed for high heat searing, to the BBQ Vortex charcoal and fire management tool, Big Poppa Smokers has everything you need to upgrade your backyard BBQ setup. Even if you already have a charcoal cooker in your backyard, our site has something for every kind of barbecue cook.