Cabinet Smokers

Big Poppa Smokers offers a wide variety of the best grills & smokers available for sale online. Since 2010, one of our most popular styles of smokers are cabinet smokers, aka vertical smokers. Cabinet smokers are used by both backyard BBQ cooks and competition BBQ pros for their ability to turn out top quality BBQ results. If you are looking for a true, indirect BBQ smoker, vertical cabinet smokers are one of the most popular smoker styles on the market.

They feature a vintage, easy to use design, and smoke with indirect heat for juicy results. Big Poppa Smokers offers a variety of made in the USA BBQ smoker brands in various sizes - from the popular best selling Humphrey's Battle Box model to the Humphrey's Weekender, you'll be sure to find a cabinet cooker that suits your smoking needs.

Once you have figured out the best grill or smoker for your backyard, don't forget to stock up on the best BBQ rubs and seasonings available. We offer rubs and seasonings for everything you can make on a vertical smoker: rubs for ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken, turkey and more. Even though we carry a wide variety of the very best rubs and seasonings made in the USA - we also have the online exclusive for the Big Poppa Smokers Rub & Seasoning line. Featuring championship winning rub flavors used in competition BBQ like Sweet Money, Money, Cash Cow, and Little Louie's, you can't go wrong with any of our rubs. Bonus: The Big Poppa Smokers rubs and seasonings aren't just for cooking outdoors - they're also versatile enough to use in the kitchen. 

Vertical cabinet smokers mainly rely on charcoal for indirect smoking - but many pitmasters also like to spray down their meat during long cooks with water, vinegar, or apple juice. Using a meat sprayer or mister can help add moisture back into the meat and ensure a nice, mahogany colored bark. Bark is important when cooking BBQ low and slow because it concentrates the flavor of the herbs and spices in the dry rub or brine you are using. It also locks in the smoke flavor that is necessary during your BBQ cook. It also provides a delicious texture to pulled pork or brisket which is the calling card of real barbecue.  So, not only is a great smoker, good rub, and tasty sauce important - you also need a good bark - something on of the meat misters we offer can help with! 

If you are still unsure of which vertical smoker to get, we suggest taking a look at our best selling Humphrey's Weekender Smoker. This cabinet smoker is proudly made in the USA, and can hold up to 4 pork butts for pulled pork at a time. With a textured black body and high quality stainless steel doors, this smoker is compact, reliable, and will make you look like a BBQ pro.