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Big Poppa Smokers

Providing an affordable, competition quality DIY Drum Smoker Kit since 2012.

Pair Big Poppa's drum smoker kit with a 55 gallon drum and you'll have a pro-level smoker for a fraction of the price. From BBQ pros to backyard BBQ addicts, drum smokers are trusted by the very best BBQ cooks for their reliability and ease of use. 

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Ole Hickory Pits

Barbecue at your best!

Made in the USA, Ole Hickory Pits have many unique features that set them apart from other charcoal smokers. With a built-in convection fan system, these pits will hold the same temperature for up to 6 hours! It’s easy to see why caterers, competition teams, and backyard enthusiasts trust these smokers.

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MAK Grills

MAK Grills

MAK Grills are made right here in the U.S.A.

Big Poppa Smokers is the #1 MAK Dealer in the world! Sporting the most advanced temperature control system available, MAK Grills define, “set it and forget it,” pellet cooking. Made in the USA, these grills are perfect for any outdoor cook.

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MGrills Logo

Smoke. Grill. Sear.

The M1 Grill is both charcoal grill & wood BBQ smoker - all wrapped up in one heavy duty BBQ unit. With an adjustable charcoal grilling grate, and a thick firebox for wood smoking; this M1 is exactly what you need to become a backyard BBQ master.

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Gateway Drum Smokers

A Big Poppa and Gateway collaboration, the Gateway Drum Smokers are proven winners on the KCBS BBQ circuit and best of all, they are affordable and easy to transport. They are perfect for tailgating and make a great gift for any BBQ cook.

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Gateway Drum Smoker

Humphreys BBQ Smokers

Humphrey's BBQ Smokers pride themselves on building hand crafted, customizable, one of a kind BBQ smokers in the USA. As self proclaimed BBQ, "geeks," Humphrey's have designed a range of BBQ smokers to fit every need. From their Half Pint model to the DownEast Beast, there is a size for every type of BBQ enthusiast.

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Humphreys BBQ Smokers

Meadow Creek Grills

Built in Pennsylvanian Amish country by expert metal workers, Meadow Creek BBQ Grills are built to last. From chicken cookers and pig roasters, to catering trailers and cabinet smokers, Meadow Creek offers a wide variety of models to choose from.

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Meadow Creek

Portable Kitchen

Built in the USA from cast aluminum, Portable Kitchen charcoal grills offer the best heat retention, unbelievable air control, versatility, and durability. PK BBQ Grills have proven to deliver the best cooking performance and have shown to be the longest lasting charcoal grills - Original PK grills from the 50's are still being used to cook today! 

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Portable Kitchen




Big Poppa Smokers has a barbecue grill/smoker for everyone, whether if you're a backyard BBQ beginner or a BBQ competition pro. - You'll find what you need in our wide and best selection of top-quality grills and smokers.

You'll find that Big Poppa Smokers offers only the best USA-made grills & smokers out in the market: MGrills, MAK Pellet Grills, Ole Hickory Pits, Big Poppa's DIY Drum Smoker Kit and many more. - Many of our featured top-quality grills and smokers offer customizable features to better match your BBQ grilling and smoking needs. 

All the featured grills and smokers range from traditional to the latest technology in grills/smokers - If there's an upgrade, we've got it. Prices may range from a low $160 up to $5,000 -  the prices vary based on customization, size, and grilling/smoking potential.

Big Poppa himself hand selects and test all the the BBQ grills and smokers on this website. -  He searches for barbecue grills & smokers that will improve the user's cooking experience, versatility, ease of use, and durability for many years of quality barbecue cooking. Big Poppa Smokers wide selection of BBQ grills and smokers have been specifically picked with both the backyard BBQ cook and BBQ competition pro in mind. Find the best of the best all in one place at Big Poppa Smokers online BBQ store. 

Top Picks
MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill & Smoker

The MAK 2 Star is our #1 Top Seller for a reason.  

MAK 2 Star user's brag about how versatile, durable and easy to use their MAK 2 Star is. Expertly sear, grill, smoke and roast on the MAK 2 Star Pellet Grill & Smoker. 

Cook all the meals of the day with this all-in-one pellet grill. You can forget about your oven and stove because the MAK 2 Star can replace them both and provide irresistibly results with only minimal effort from you. With the MAK 2 Star's ability to maintain steady cooking temperatures, you never have to worry about checking on your food again.

Hand crafted to last you a lifetime and made in the USA, it's no wonder BBQ enthusiast have made the MAK 2 Star their go-to BBQ grill. Check out the BBQ grill/smoker that will get you on your way to becoming the ultimate backyard BBQ cook.

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DIY Drum Smoker Kit

Big Poppa Smokers is proud to be the only online BBQ store to offer a quality, DIY Drum Smoker Kit.

With over 4,000 Drum Smoker kits sold, the BPS Drum Smoker kit is one of our top selling smokers. The BPS Drum Smoker Kit is for those hands on BBQ enthusiast that want a quality drum smoker without spending a fortune.

The BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit is easy to build, fully customizable, and excellent for both backyard and competition use. - The BPS Drum Smoker Kit will provide you with everything needed to build a competition quality BBQ Drum smoker, all you need to add is a 55 gallon drum, some power tools, and elbow grease to get you on your way to becoming the ultimate pit master.

Take pride in knowing you built your own grilling, searing and smoking machine and impress the neighborhood with your building and BBQ cooking skills.

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Gateway Drum Smoker

Gateways Drum Smokers are easy to use, durable, stylish and best of all, affordable

These effective smokers were designed to provide competition quality results on a backyard budget.

It's easy to see why the USA made Gateway Drum Smokers are a top seller with versatility ranging from the hot & fast cooking approach to the traditional low & slow. Any cooking method you choose will maximize the flavor, moisture and tenderness in your BBQ - Sought after results no other drum smoker can match.

Gateway Drum Smokers have been competition tested and are proven winners on the KCBS BBQ circuit. Whether if you're competing, tailgating or entertaining, a Gateway Drum Smoker will have you smoking like a BBQ Pit master.

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MAK 1 Star General Pellet Grill & Smoker

The MAK 1 Star General brings ease to the sport of BBQ - it's easy to use, consistent, durable and reliable. 

The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill is one of the most versatile pellet grills out on the market making the MAK 1 Star General a top seller at Big Poppa Smokers. Effortlessly bake, smoke, sear, grill and even roast on a MAK 1 Star General thanks to the featured innovative Pellet Boss system which allows for temperatures to stay consistent without any extra effort from you; Let the grill do all the work.

Anyone from a backyard BBQ beginner to a BBQ competition pro can use the MAK 1 Star with no hassle and achieve the same top notch BBQ results as gourmet chefs. The MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill is a true "set it and forget it" BBQ grill/smoker.

On top of all of those outstanding features, the MAK 1 Star Pellet Grill is proudly USA made to last you a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Shop Big Poppa Smokers special MAK 1 Star packages featuring special prices.

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BPS Drum Smoker Kit

I couldn't be happier with the BPS Drum Smoker Kit. For just under $200, I have a good quality smoker. I ordered on one day and had the kit the next day even though shipping was supposed to take 5-7 days. Great Experience over all.

- DIY Fool

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Backwoods Smoker Chubby

I can't put into words how much I love my Chubby...it's incredible! I would highly recommend the Chubby to anyone that's serious about BBQ and looking for a pro-quality back yard pit.

- Lance

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MAK 1 Star General Pellet Grill & Smoker

It's very easy to use (since I don't have any smoking experience). The clean up is fast! I can smoke, grill and even bake on it. Thank you MAK!

- Sheri

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Ole Hickory Ace BP

There's a reason teams on the BBQ circuit are winning with the Ace BP. Add a chimney of charcoal set the temp and the Ace does the rest. Competition teams that use this have a "Ace" up their sleeve!

- James

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