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  • Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP
    Ole Hickory Pits Ace BP


    Special Price $4,344.00

    Big Poppa Smokers and Ole Hickory pits have teamed up to design the ultimate charcoal smoker, the Ace-BP! Featuring a unique thermostat controlled cooking method, the Ace-BP will be an indispensible smoker for vets and newcomers. Get yours before anyone else and you'll be the talk of town. 

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  • Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer
    Meadow Creek TS120 Trailer


    Special Price $5,220.25

    The TS120 is fully loaded to get on the road. Simply mount your TS120 Trailer to your vehicle and you'll be able to get smokin' anywhere your BBQ heart desires. Loaded with many other features, the TS120 trailer is a keeper.

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  • Ole Hickory Pits Ace JW
    Ole Hickory Pits Ace JW


    Special Price $3,506.00

    With the Ace JW Charcoal Smoker, smoking has never been easier. Get the BBQ results you deserve; Whether if you're a beginner BBQ cook, a backyard BBQ cook or a BBQ competitor, the Ace JW will deliver the results you've long been searching for.

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