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GrillGrate GrateTool BBQ Spatula

GrillGrate GrateTool BBQ Spatula

Take control of your food on your grill with the GrateTool.

Easily turn fish, lean meats and other delicate foods by simply lifting the food off your GrillGrates. The Gratetool was made to easily slide through the GrillGrate to create an ease of flipping.  No more wrapping fish, veggies or mushrooms in foil, just grill directly on the GrillGrates and with the GrateTool flipping your food is done with ease. The GrateTool also acts as a scooper to handle asparagus, roasted potatoes and clusters of sides. Quarter turning pizza is easy with the GrateTool, and for carrying hot pizzas to the table from the grill.

YES, The Grate tool works well on traditional grills too.
You may want a couple of the GrateTools. You'll never want to turn to a traditional spatula again after handling a GrateTool. Fisherman may especially want to consider two GrateTools to turn large filets!



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