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Granny’s BBQ Sauce

Granny's BBQ sauce is an original North Carolina family recipe that was created by Granny Keene in 1950. Granny's BBQ Sauce was first used at family barbecue's and pig pickin's and soon became a popular BBQ sauce making it the top-seller we know today. After 2 years of research, development and competition testing, Granny’s Sauce has proven itself to be one of the most recognized and award-winning BBQ sauces on the market. Use it for BBQ competitions, backyard BBQ or even in the kitchen, the hints of citrus and orange will make Granny's BBQ sauce your new go-to BBQ sauce for chicken and pork.

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  • Granny's BBQ Sauce - 18oz

    Granny's BBQ Sauce - 18oz

    Granny's BBQ Sauce is an Oscar winning sauce? Close enough, with all the awards this BBQ sauce has received you wouldn't be surprised if there was an oscar in that bunch. This barbecue sauce gets a blue ribbon everytime for best performance in competitions. Granny's BBQ sauce is a favorite of many BBQ smoker enthusiasts - from elite BBQ teams to die hard backyard BBQ warriors. 

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  • Granny's BBQ Sauce - 1 Gallon

    Granny's BBQ Sauce - 1 Gallon

    Granny's BBQ Sauce recipe was created in 1950 in North Carolina and the family recipe is still going strong today. Granny's BBQ sauce has been used in the competition circuit and has collected many awards along the way, overall this BBQ sauce is sure to become your new favorite. 

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  • Granny's BBQ Sauce - 1/2 Gallon

    Granny's BBQ Sauce - 1/2 Gallon

    Granny's BBQ sauce started off as a family recipe and now has evolved into a top selling, award winning BBQ sauce. - That's the power of high-quality BBQ sauce.

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