Messermeister Pro Series 10'' Scimitar Knife

The Messermeister Pro Series 10" Scimitar Knife features a rigid stamped blade with an upward curve and ample girth, wider than a breaking knife blade.  The large butcher's knife is attached to a non-slip handle, this allows you to slice with one swift motion and eliminates sawing back-and-forth.  Preferred by culinary professionals, butchers and deep-sea fishing enthusiasts, this knife is designed to cut large pieces of meat into retail cuts.  It will cut through skin, cartilage and small bones.

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The Messermeister Four Seasons 10" Scimitar Knife is used for trimming fat, portioning steaks, slicing carne asada and much more. The 10'' Scimitar Knife was built to handle all challenging kitchen task and withhold everyday use. The 10'' Scimitar Knife is a knife you can put to use daily because of it's heavy duty structure, but there's even more perks to this 10'' knife. Messermeister managed to give you an easy to use and heavy duty knife. Just like all Four Seasons Messermeister Knives, the 10'' Scimitar Knife is built to be easily sharpened, resist oxidation for repeated use on moisture, and the comfortable grip handle makes slicing a breeze. 


  • This blade is ideal for trimming fat, portioning steaks, slicing carne asada and much more.



  • Made in Portugal

  • German high carbon stainless steel

  • One-piece stamped

  • Enveloped tang

  • Extra-wide chef’s knife blade

  • Industrial strength handle

  • 100% Messermeister quality

  • Lifetime manufacturing warranty

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Brand Messermeister
Model 883BPS

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