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Lamson 6" Utility Knife - Fire Series

Lamson 6" Utility Knife - Fire Series

Every kitchen and BBQ toolkit needs a utility knife. Utilitiy knives brings the versatility you need for simple prep work such as peeling, slicing and trimming. With a full tang blade and and a triple-riveted acrylic handle, the Lamson 6" Utility Knife is a kitchen essential. 

The blades of the Lamson Utility Knife are forged from the finest high-carbon stainless steel (grade 4116) and the sleek, sturdy handle is made of acrylic for unmatched quality. This knife is precision forged using the hot-drop method resulting in a harder, sharper blade that is corrosion resistant and highly elastic to offer you a reliable and durable design.


The 6" blade on this Lamson utility knife offers just the right length for small to medium prepping task. Peel, slice, and trim fruits and vegetables. The versatile blade also allows this knife to be used to carve, trim and cut roast and poultry. 


Handmade in the USA 

Full tang blade forged from high-carbon stainless steel
Triple-riveted acrylic handle

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