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Work Sharp E5 Upgrade Kit

Work Sharp E5 Upgrade Kit

Expand the sharpening versatility of the E5 Knife Sharpener with a variety of sharpening guides and specialty sharpenings belts. The E5 Upgrade kit includes 15” and 20” sharpening guides and 4 types of specialty belts to create traditional East and West edge profiles.

The 15° East and 20° West sharpening guides are interchangeable with the standard 17° sharpening guide included with the E5 Knife Sharpener. The guides easily snap into place and this upgrade kit includes a storage tray to ensure you don’t misplace your sharpening guides.

The E5 Upgrade kit includes 4 specialty belts: one Blue ZA Coarse belt, two Red P120 Medium belts, one Grey X35 Fine belt, and one White X4 Extra-Fine belt.  Each belt is an essential component for sharpening traditional East and West edges. All Work Sharp sharpening belts are gentle on knives while creating a factory-fresh cutting edge. They’re designed to sharpen without removing excessive material - protecting the value of your knives.

Add versatility to your E5 Knife Sharpener today!

The E5 Upgrade Kit includes:

(1) 15° East sharpening guide

(1) 20° West Sharpening Guide

(1) Blue ZA Coarse belt

(2) Red P120 Medium belts

(1) Grey X35 Fine belt

(1) White X4 Extra-Fine belt

(1) Storage tray


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