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Work Sharp E5 Premium Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp E5 Premium Knife Sharpener

Sharpen your kitchen knives with the push of a button! Work Sharp’s Culinary E5 electric kitchen sharpener takes care of the guesswork that comes with sharpening knives. Using controlled speeds, timed sharpening cycles and high-performance sharpening belts - you can shape, sharpen and refine your dull kitchen knives! Bring your knives back to life with this fast, easy to use and effective sharpening solution. 

Read about the amazing features on the E5 Knife Shaperner:

One Touch Programming

With the touch of a button, the E5 sharpens, shapes or refines your knives edges back to their original sharpness. The E5 automatically adjust speeds and running time to match your desired degree of sharpening and it turns off at the end of each sharpening cycle providing you with a hassle-free sharpening experience. Keeping up with knife maintenance has never been easier!

Precision Sharpening Guides

No need for guesswork with the E5 by your side. Featuring precision sharpening guides, the E5 sharpens evenly and effectively. The E5 shapes knives at 17° angle - a balance of the precise cutting ability of Eastern knives and the strength and durability of Western knives. Looking to expand your sharpening capabilities? Check out the E5 Sharpening belt upgrade! Sold separately.

Professional Grade Sharpening Belts

The E5 automated knife sharpener utilizes a professional grade sharpening belt designed to sharpen knives without removing excess material. By using a professional grade sharpening belt, your kitchen knives retain their value, and get an extended life while providing you with quality cutting performance. The E5 Knife Sharpener will arrive with a sharpening belt installed and 2 replacement belts. That’s 3 belts in total. The belts have a 120 Grit.

Dual Surface 8” Ceramic Honing Rod

Achieve a razor-sharp finish or touch-up the edge of your knife before every use with the included dual surface ceramic honing rod. The ceramic honing rod features a fine side for honing knives and a coarse side for quick touch-ups between sharpenings. Honing helps maintain the edge of knives for an extended period of time providing you with the effectiveness you need.

Exclusive MicroForge Technology

The E5’s exclusive MicroForge technology on the ceramic honing rod creates a longer lasting, durable edge offering more cutting control. By applying micro-facets to the edge of the knife blade, a combination of straight and faceted cutting edges are made. The micro-facets enhance the performance of the knife while cutting all foods.  

E5 Knife Sharpener
(2) 17° Sharpening Guides
(3) P120 Medium Belts 
Adapter Plug
Ceramic Honing Rod
Ceramic Rod Handle (with Microforge)


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Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Work Sharp Culinary's revolutionary E5 electric knife sharpener is the easiest, cleanest, quietest counter-top kitchen knife sharpener and it will ensure your knives will always be sharp!

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