BPS Drum Smoker Parts Warranty:


Big Poppa Smokers will not accept any responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred during the preparation and/or construction of the Big Poppa Smokers (BPS) Drum Smoker Kit & Parts. This includes but is not limited to: physical injury (i.e. cuts, scrapes, burns, loss of life, etc.) during either construction or use of the BPS Drum Smoker Kit & Parts.


Big Poppa Smokers warrants BPS Drum Smoker Parts against defects in material and workmanship under normal residential use and maintenance for one (1) year from the date of purchase. 

Big Poppa Smoker will provide a replacement part for any part found by Big Poppa Smokers to be defective and shall not be responsible for any re-assembly. Original part(s) approved for return by the Big Poppa Smokers Customer Service Department must be returned prepaid by the customer. Customers should inspect the unit of any defects and immediately notify Big Poppa Smokers of any apparent damage. This warranty does not include labor charges connected with the determination of replacement of defective parts, or freight charges to ship these parts. 

This warranty shall be void if the unit is not assembled or operated in accordance with the operation instructions provided with the unit, the unit is exposed to unreasonable or extreme weather conditions, the unit is re-sold or traded to another owner, components, accessories, or fuels not compatible with the unit have been used, the unit has been used in a commercial or food service application, or the user has abused or otherwise failed to maintain, cover, or properly store the unit depending on weather conditions. 

Big Poppa Smokers provides no representation, warranty, or promise relating to damages or defects in parts which are the results of: (i) ordinary wear and tear; (ii) failure of customer to provide normal maintenance or proper care of the parts; (iii) characteristics common to materials used; (iv) natural disaster; (v) loss; or (vi) injury caused in any way by natural elements, changes made to the parts by the customer, or any misuse, negligence, recklessness, or intentional act or acts of any person.