SnS Grills Drip N Griddle Cast Iron Pan

The ultimate grilling accessory and it's made out of cast-iron!
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Grilling just got better with this 3-in-1 grilling accessory. Made of heavy-duty cast iron, the Drip ‘N Griddle Cast Iron Pan offers everything you're looking for in a griddle pan  - a non-stick surface, a searing machine for searing up a ribeye and no more warping over in direct high heat. Durable, functional and adaptable for kettle style grill over 22". 

Drip ‘N Griddle Cast Iron Pan is contoured to fit perfectly next to the Slow ‘N Sear grilling accessory and  can be used on any round grill 22" and up including the BPS Drum Smoker and Weber cookers. Say goodbye to messy foil – even the biggest messes are contained by this cast iron pan’s raised edges and the easy-access side handles make cleaning up after a cook a breeze! (while using heat tolerant gloves) As a bonus, using this pan as a drip pan will help season it - preventing it from rusting.

Cast Iron Griddle and Searing Pan

Heat this pan up until it is white-hot, then drop some steaks, burgers, or anything you want to sear! This fits right on top of the grate directly over the Slow 'N Sear grilling accessory for two-zone grilling. Perfect searing is now even easier!

Cast Iron Heat Retention

Cast iron is known for it's excellent heat retention capabilities. Using cast iron for warming is generally acceptable but keep in mind that cast iron will retain heat for much longer than stainless steel. This can have a positive outcome, but we do not recommend using this particular pan to warm your food as it is possible to over cook it.

How to Season a Cast Iron Surface

Cast iron pans sometimes get a bad rep, but with proper care and seasoning, they are the best material to cook on. To extend the life of your Drip 'N Griddle Cast Iron Pan, you will need to season it to prevent rust as well as to get it to a non-stick surface. The more you use it and build up the seasoning, the smoother the surface will become. After use, clean and store it in a dry location. 

Compatible with 22″/26″ kettles, the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill and BPS Drum Smoker. 

More Information
Brand SNS Grills
Metal thickness 1/8 inch
Overall dimensions 18 1/8 W x 11 D x 1 1/4 H (not including handles)
Net weight 10 lbs
Model 200SNS

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