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Daigle's Cajun Sweet & Sour Sauce - 12oz

Daigle's Cajun Sweet & Sour Sauce - 12oz

Daigle’s Cajun Sweet & Sour Sauce has proven to be award winning with it’s unique blend of flavors that turn ordinary meats into irresistible BBQ dishes. Many barbecue competition teams report to be collecting awards with this sweet and sour BBQ sauce - Cajun Sweet & Sour Sauce took the stage at the 2014 KCBS American Royal Specialty Sauce Contest. 

This gourmet BBQ sauce offers sweet and sour flavors that add an irresistible taste and color to anything it’s poured on. Caramelize all your meats - chicken breast, wings, shrimp, and especilly ribs! Daigle’s Cajun Sweet and Sour sauce features a thick texture making it perfect to use as a grilling sauce, basting sauce, dipping sauce and as a glaze.  

Daigle’s Cajun Sweet & Sour BBQ Sauce is so good, you’ll be pouring it on everything!




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