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C4 Portable Grill

C4 Portable Grill

Meet the ultimate portable grill, M Grills C4 Portable Grill - it’s small, portable, and built like a tank!

The C4 Portable Grill from M Grills is a compact charcoal/wood grill that’s ready when you are. This portable BBQ pit is perfect for camping, tailgating, hunting, fishing, picnics, patios, and makes a great mini grill for when you’re cooking for two! Being a versatile grill, the C4 can be used in many ways - as a portable fire pit, yakitori grill, steak searing machine and a small storage container.

The C4 is a grill disguised as a ammo can, but 1’’ wider than the standard size. It’s been hand crafted piece by piece to be a durable & convenient charcoal/wood cooker on the go. The C4 Portable Grill is made from heavy-duty 12 gauge steel with a comfortable, but solid 304 stainless steel tubing handle and a 304 stainless steel hinge to avoid rusting. The C4 Portable Grill is built to last!

Don’t worry about charcoal and ashes with this portable grilling machine, all the charcoal and ashes are self contained. When you’re done cooking, shut the lid of the C4 grill and fasten the latch, and dump the ashes in a safe location. With this compact grill, your charcoal/wood will snuff out quickly leaving you plenty to reuse for later! Grab the C4 Portable Grill for BBQ on the go.


Cooking Surface: 12" X 7"

Overall Height: 10.5"

Overall Width: 7.5"

Overall Length (including latch): 13.5"

Weight: 18 lbs

All M Grills have a Limited Lifetime Warranty (though you probably won't need it.)


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The Ultimate Portable Grill: The C4 Portable Grill

The C4 is a powerful portable grill disguised as an ammo can, but bigger. It's been built from the ground up to be a serious mini grill on the go. It's perfect for camping, tailgating, hunting, any activity! Small, portable and built like a tank, you'll want to take the C4 everywhere you go.

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