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BPS Pre-drilled SS Drum Smoker Kit

BPS Pre-drilled SS Drum Smoker Kit

Get everything you need to build a competition quality drum smoker with Big Poppa’s Pre-drilled Stainless Steel Drum Kit. Featuring our BPS DIY Drum Smoker Kit and a pre-drilled SS drum; Building a high-quality barrel cooker has never been easier.

Big Poppa’s Pre-Drilled SS Drum Kit is perfect for those BBQ enthusiasts who want to build a quality drum smoker without the elbow grease. Big Poppa’s Pre-drilled SS Drum Kit takes care of the elbow grease by including a heavy-duty, SS pre-drilled drum; No power tools required. All you’ll need to do is follow the included instructions to attach the drum parts and you’ll be on the road to cooking true authentic barbecue.

Enjoy the delight that comes with building and cooking on your own UDS with Big Poppa’s Pre-drilled Stainless Steel Drum Smoker Kit. Order yours today!

More about the Stainless Steel Drum:

This DIY drum smoker kit will arrive with a new food grade, 55 gallon stainless steel drum with a matching lid. The SS drum features a hoop design and has a polished finish. This SS drum will arrive pre-drilled; no extra drilling will be required. Follow the included instructions to assemble drum parts. 

Please note: Due to mass production, this drum may arrive with scratches or dings. We assure you that this is only cosmetic and will not affect the quality of your cooking.

BPS Pre-Drilled SS Drum Smoker Kit Includes:

  • NEW 55-Gal Stainless Steel Drum

  • Bottle opener

  • Top vent

  • 2 bottom slide vents (SS)

  • Grill Cooking Grate (Nickel Plate)

  • Lid Hook

  • Lid Handle with wood grips (SS)

  • Drum Smoker Handles with wood grips (SS)

  • Shield assembly

  • Charcoal Nest Hook

  • Charcoal Nest Assembly (Plain Steel)

  • BBQ Thermometer

  • Mounting Hardware for all parts

Please note: Upgrades ship separately. You may receive some items sooner than others. 

In order to assemble Big Poppa’s SS pre-drilled Drum kit, you will need:

  • 7/8" wrench (or adjustable wrench)

  • 7/16" wrench (or adjustable wrench)

  • Measuring tape

Fuel: Big Poppa’s Drum Smoker Kit has been designed to be used with lump charcoal or briquettes. For extra smoke flavor, you can add wood chips or chunks.  

This drum is shipped straight from the manufacturer, if you feel the need to burn in the drum, we suggest burning BEFORE you add all of the hardware.


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Assembling the BPS Drum Smoker Kit

Watch as our BPS Engineer assembles BPS Drum Smoker Kit on a standard steel drum. You can skip the drilling if you're ordering a BPS Pre-Drilled Drum Kit. Assembly instructions are included with each kit for easy building. Building your own drum opens the doors to authentic BBQ, order today!

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