Big Poppa Smokers Layaway Terms & Conditions


Big Poppa Smokers Layaway (Offered Online Only)  Our Layaway (online only) program offers customers the opportunity to make payments over an extended period on eligible items. We offer Layaway for the following products: Grills & Smokers.


Grills & Smokers Layaway:  All Grills & Smokers offered online. Items and prices offered through the BPS Layaway Program are subject to change without notice. If the price of an item is discounted in the Big Poppa Smokers online store during your layaway agreement, please contact Big Poppa Smokers for the lowest price guarantee. You will be credited for the difference in price.

Choose from these eligible items (subject to change):

  • Charcoal Grills & Smokers         
  • Cabinet Smokers        
  • Pellet Grills & Smokers                 
  • Offset Smokers         
  • Drum Smokers                 
  • Drum Smoker Kits         

Terms and Conditions (Up to 6 monthly payments):

A deposit that equals one of your selected installments, and no service fee are due when the order is put into the BPS Layaway Program. You may make additional payments at any time, but payments must be made once per month for however long your installment plan lasts. The maximum installment plan allows up to 6 installments.

  • You must have a registered Big Poppa Smokers account to be eligible for the BPS Layaway Program.
  • Your BPS Layaway Plan contract will be automatically canceled if any installment is more than 30 days late or past due.      
  • You may pay by credit card (Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Discover). You must log into your Big Poppa Smokers account to make payments.       
  • BPS Layaway Program payments that have reached a 50% of the total order amount will become non-refundable.      
  • You may not make changes to this layaway order. If you no longer desire the specified merchandise you must cancel your order. If you would like to cancel your BPS Layaway Program agreement, please contact
  • If for any reason, you need to change your billing or shipping address, please contact for assistance.
  • Big Poppa Smokers will refund any payments received if the product/items in your order is/are no longer offered from the manufacturer at any time during the layaway agreement.      
  • You may pay the full balance on your layaway order at any time. Please note that Grills & Smokers are held at off-site locations and may not be available to ship immediately.       
  • Items on Layaway without a lead time will ship within 30 days of final payment.    
  • Items on Layaway with a lead time will not be manufactured until final payment is received.             
  • If an item on Layaway is not available to ship within 30 days of final payment, Big Poppa Smokers will notify you within 5 business days after your final payment.             
  • BPS Layaway contracts are non-transferable.
  • You may log into your Big Poppa Smokers account at any time to see your layaway account history. You will receive an email for each payment made towards the balance due.


Cancellation Policy:

You may cancel your layaway order at anytime by notifying Big Poppa Smokers in writing. Please email if you would like to cancel your layaway agreement.

Your order will be automatically cancelled if:        

  • Any installment is over 30 days late or past due. At this time, Big Poppa Smokers will refund all payments up to the cancellation date, minus the 10% cancellation fee, which is 10% of your orignial order total. If Big Poppa Smokers is not able to get into contact with you to issue your refunds and/or your account info is expired or out of date; non responsive accounts will be closed without credits within 30 days of cancellation. 
  • If any/all of the items in your order are no longer offered by the manufacturer. Big Poppa Smokers will refund all payment received if this happens. Cancellation fees will be waived in this scenario.         

In the event of a cancellation before your payments have reached 50% of your order total, you must request a refund in writing to You are eligible for a full refund less the cancellation fee (10% of your order total).

If your payments have reached 50% of your order total, no refunds will be issued. If you still wish to cancel your layaway plan, please submit your request to

The cancellation fee on all layaway contracts is 10% of the original order total, which is also the initial deposit. 

If, when you make your final payment, we are unable to provide you with the merchandise specified in the layaway contract, you will receive a full refund of the deposit and all subsequent payments made under this contract except as provided by law.