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Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce - 16oz

Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce - 16oz

Blue Hogs Tennessee Red Sauce is a vinegar/pepper based sauce that can be found in “Barbecue Joints” down in the South. This vinegar sauce adds such a great boost of flavor to foods with a side of zesty attitude. 

Tennessee Red Sauce has a vinegary spice and sweet taste that makes it irresistable on pork or beef sandwiches, chicken, and everyone says it's a must on BBQ pulled pork! This Tennessee sauce is great for marinating chicken or using it as a mopping sauce on the grill, you can even use this vinegar sauce in baked beans recipes. This red sauce makes for a perfect table topper because of it's versatility in your BBQ and in your kitchen. 

Give your food a unique boost of flavor with this vinegar-based Tennessee Red Sauce. 

 16 fl. oz.

 Pro-tip: Is a 16 ounce jar not enough to satisfy your tastebuds? Upgrade to our 1/2 gallon size of this delicious Tennessee red sauce!



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Ingredients for Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce - 16oz

Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Ketchup, Water, Salt, Spice
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