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Celebrate American Meat Month!

March is American Meat Month


At Big Poppa Smokers we love meat so much, we’re making it an occasion. That’s right folks! March is American Meat Month at Big Poppa Smokers. This month we will pay homage to meat. Not just any meat: Quality, American meat. Celebrate with us!

For the next four weeks, Big Poppa and crew will teach you everything you want and need to know about American meat. We will honor the farmer, the butcher, the cow, the cooker and the BBQ master. There will be recipes, articles, private sales and more.

How do you celebrate American Meat Month? Simple. Eat American meat! Take a look around our website or visit our facebook and twitter pages for articles, recipes and deals. It’s gonna be a great month. Keep on Smokin’!

Strube Ranch ground beef





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